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Jayfeather's eyes opened in a beautiful forest and purred at the warm air as it blew against his pelt. He padded around, enjoying his time being able to be a real warrior. A flicker of white came across his sight as he turned around. His heart stopped as a beautiful she-cat padded out of the bushes. Her gentle green eyes and pure white coat. FanFiction unleash. Warriors have told me it's where they go if they want to have some fun with their mate. He decided he'd let her continue whatever he was doing and get back to hunting. CRACK! A twig splintered between his paws and Icecloud's ears perked up. Send me your request. Form. Cat 1: Cat2: Type: Other: DustxSand. Sandstorm was walking alone through the forest hoping to avoid her clan. It wasn't that she. Mothwing learned to be an amazing and skilled medicine cat without the belief in StarClan, because of her mentor Mudclaw. The tom seemed to have accepted Mothwing completely, even if he knew there was no chance she believed in their warrior ancestors. Another cat who supported her was her best friend from ThunderClan, Leafpool. FanFiction unleash. Follow/Fav Warriors Lemons TAKING REQUESTS By: LilyTheAuthor. Warrior cat lemons! Taking requests! Rated M for a reason. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - Words: 53 - Published: just now - id: 13449572 .

She headed for the warrior's den, but felt a tail lay on her back. "Mossheart?" Her dad asked "Yes Sharpfang." "May I speak with you." She nodded and ran toward the entrance. Sharpfang followed her as she walked with her father. The nearly full moon glowed in the night sky with Silverpelt surrounding it. It's a good thing we have Starclan. Thornstar lay in his den, rasping his tongue over his long brown tabby fur. The leader was feeling awfully horny and he considered leaving his den to find a lonely she-cat to mate with, or perhaps to deflower a young apprentice as a part of his new law that he would mate with all of his she-cats before they became warriors. Okay so, I've had a few requests for some kits to be involved. I will start out with this chapter, one chapter. If you all could give me an opinion on it than it will tell me whether or not to keep doing them.

Moonflower padded out of the camp, hissing in frustration. Stupid heat! She thought, lashing her tail. Settling down in a clearing in the heart of Thunderclan's territory, she laid down on her back and rubbed her hot core with a paw. Sito di scrittura e lettura dedicato a fanfiction e storie originali. Racconti su Harry Potter, Naruto, One Direction, Personaggi Famosi, Dragon Ball, Final Fantasy, One Piece, Saint Seiya, Merlin e molti altri. Scrittura amatoriale, scrittura creativa. 8/29 c5 Cheese cake Yes I was hoping that a cat would walk In on them and just back away slowly idk why but I hope it would be like a rogue or kittypet.

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