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23/12/2009 · Discs provide cushioning between each of these bones. Sometimes discs may bulge -- move out of place -- and put pressure on nerves that exit your spine. Symptoms are specific to the level of the bulge. An L4/5 bulging disc puts pressure on your L5 nerve -- one of the most common levels where this condition occurs. In questo grado il bulging discale viene chiamato l5, ed il disco è ancor di più fuori posizione, quindi esercita un’azione di forza vera e propria sul nervo, questa è la patologia di buging discale l4 l5 o protrusione discale l4 l5. Il dolore in questo caso è molto più fitto rispetto al primo grado ed è spesso anche insopportabile. Disk lies between upper and lower vertebral body. Disk functions as a shock absorber during walking, jogging and any movements of vertebral column. Back pain originates from disc, nerve, muscle, ligaments, bones, and facet joints. Disc bulge is the most common cause of low backache and leg pain in all age group. Small disc bulge is often.

This article will profile herniations and degeneration at L5/S1. Being that this is the most often affected spinal level in the human anatomy, we will also look at why many innocent disc abnormalities are mistakenly blamed for causing symptoms. Herniated Disc L5-S1 Occurrence. L5/S1 is the disc which separates the lumbar spinal region from the. There's a bulge pushing through the ring holding the vertebral disk between L4 and L5. The bulge is narrowing the opening for the spinal cord somewhat, and is also touching both sides of the nerves coming off the spinal cord at L5. l5/s1 disc bulge and facet joint hypertrophy by: Shyla Hi Sarah, many thanks for your prompt reply. I really appreciate it. I've been using a tennis ball to try and release trigger points on and around the piriformis, where I feel pain and almost like a burning sensation. That particular trigger point isn't budging for some reason. I have a bulging disk at L4/L5 with spinal stenosis that until recently presented very mild symptoms - lumber back pain and right foot numbness after a long walk. Two weeks ago I overdid it on a long hike and could literally not even stand up for two days afterward without intense leg pain.

Bulging Disc Treatment. Most minor and moderately bulging disc injuries are treated conservatively without the need for surgery. In order to allow the torn fibres of the annulus to heal and the disc bulge to resolve fully, your bulging disc treatment is centred on encouraging the fluid to return and remain in the centre of the disc. What is a broad based disk buldge at L5-S1 mean? Asked in Back Neck and Spine What is diffuse disc bulge?. One treatment for a disc bulge in L4 and L5 would be steroid injections by your physician. If the bulge is not extreme, the recommendation may be simply rest and anti-inflammatory medications. What you are mentioning here are the MRI findings. I would like to bring to your attention the more important point - reason for having the scan YOUR SYMPTOMS rather than solely focussing on the scan findings. It is important to interpret the in. What to Do for a Herniated L4-L5 Disc to Heal Itself? Written by Lisa Wampler. 27 July, 2017. A herniated disc is when a disc in your spine splits or ruptures. The discs are located between the bones of your spine, and therefore when one comes out of place, it can be very painful.

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